Steering the Isis bumps course

The Rowing Service

Footage taken on a dim day on the Isis, steering all the way upriver from the bottom summer bungline (no. 13).
Published online 23rd February 2010

Note that the footage was taken from a launch travelling at about light paddling pace. It may at times go a little closer to the bank than a rowing crew could, and at times the angle of the launch's direction may be off for a second or two, pushed when the stream caught the boat briefly round corners and during crossings.

The footage was taken at 5pm on a February day, in strong green-flag stream, typical of a normal Torpids. Colours have been artificially lightened to give better contrast for viewing.

Bunglines may be higher up the river for Torpids.

The clip is in the Quicktime .mov format, streaming, and could be played directly using Quicktime and RealPlayer. Subtitles may distort slightly magnification.