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In the summer of 2004 I decided to run old news a little differently. The New Information page generates lots of information, some of which can be archived on the usual indexes. But there are always little news stories, which may go out of date, but sometimes offer the only description of what was going on in the global rowing community at the time. They also track changes, such as alterations in the format of regattas, and decisions taken by governing bodies, which otherwise tend to disappear into the mists of history.

So I have decided to make a monthly archive of this material, indexed here for easy reference. The links will be activated as I add more pages, going back as far as I have records (to 1995). Results, website address changes, draws, cancellations, obituaries and other regular news items which already have indexes set up for them are not included.

Recent stuff will as usual be on the New Information page. Email me if you have something to add.

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