Bumps Instructions for Rowing On

  1. Coxes should know the blade colours of the crews starting immediately ahead and behind. An updated starting list will be emailed on Friday morning, but you should also check with the Marshals if there have been any more changes.
  2. All crews above the Gut should boat DOWNSTREAM and cross to the towpath side at the Gut.
  3. Crews must wait until the last boat in the previous division has passed before leaving their raft. NB it may not be the one listed on the original schedule - if in doubt, ask a Marshal.
  4. Crews at Univ may have their boats placed in the water as the previous division races, but must have their far-side blades drawn in.
Normal navigation rules apply below the Gut, ie keep to towpath-side downstream.
  1. The normal warm up would be to paddle straight down to Haystacks, spin, and then back up to the Gut. DO NOT spin at Long Bridges on the way downstream.
  2. If you are early, you may be allowed to spin above Donnington Bridge and head back downstream - check with the Marshal first. If you spin here, keep well away from the towpath-side to allow other crews coming through the Gut to pass.
  3. If you are late, the Marshal may instruct you to spin above Haystacks. If you are very late you may be asked to spin at Long Bridges and start the course from there.
  4. When spinning to head back upstream, please give priority to crews who are starting ahead of you, so that you move up in the correct sequence.
  5. Crews boating from City of Oxford should not paddle up through the Gut - spin at Falcon and use only the lower stretch for your warm-up, with normal circulation.
The marshalling area is the stretch by the Sea Scouts and Falcon RC (ie between Donnington bridge and the Gut, along the opposite bank to the towpath)
  1. Crews should aim to arrive in the marshalling area 5 minutes before the scheduled start.
  2. Try to arrange yourself in the correct sequence with boat no.1 just below the Gut and boat no.10 under Donnington bridge
  3. Keep your bows aligned into the stream when you easy.
  4. Keep the middle of the river clear for late arrivals to get into their correct position.
When boats are roughly in position in the marshalling area they will be asked to paddle up through the Gut in sequence. The first few boats will be told when this is imminent so they have a chance to remove kit, etc., after which other crews will be able to see when this begins.
  1. Always move up to follow the boat due to start ahead of you (or whichever boat the Marshal instructs you to follow). Aim to be about 15-30 seconds behind them (about 5 lengths at light pressure)
  2. A Marshal positioned in the middle of the Gut is responsible for ensuring that boats start with a suitable spacing. If you are too close to the crew ahead, or there is an obstruction on the course, you may be asked to easy briefly; otherwise, you will be told to paddle straight through and on to the course.
  3. With reasonable steering as you exit the Gut, you should have time to straighten up for the Green Bank and then another 5 or 6 strokes in which to build up speed before timing starts.
All timing is judged from the bows of the boat.
  1. A Marshal at Long Bridges will call your college name and then say "GO!" as your bows come level with the upstream end of Long Bridges raft. This is when timing starts.
  2. A semaphore will be placed approximately mid-way between the boathouses and the Head of the River. There is a white mark on the towpath (between the two rubbish bins) that marks the precise point. Timing stops when the semaphore drops, which will be as your bows cross the line.
  3. Time penalties may be awarded against crews failing to heed Marshals' instructions or obstructing faster crews
  4. Time bonuses may be awarded to crews obstructed through no fault of their own.
Steering the Course
Coxes may take any course they like provided that they do not obstruct faster crews.
  1. The recommended course is to follow the Green Bank for about 2/3 its length and then cross to the towpath side aiming to arrive parallel to the pontoons at OUBC
  2. If you are overtaken while still on the Green Bank, you should delay crossing while the overtaking crew passes on your stroke-side and wait until they are clear before crossing behind them (the overtaking crew may have to cross slightly early in this case)
  3. If you are being overtaken from OUBC or above, you should move to bow-side (ie towards the middle of the river) and allow the overtaking crew to maintain its course on the towpath side.
  4. There are no restrictions on the number of supporters or bicycles, but please avoid crowding around the finish post after racing
After Racing
  1. After the finish, proceed as far as possible upstream before spinning. DO NOT easy on the finish line.
  2. Spin clockwise and then form up along Christ Church meadow pointing downstream.
  3. Await Marshal's instructions before proceeding downstream of the finish line (i.e. back on to the course)
  4. Unless returning to the main boathouses, cross on to the normal (towpath) side of the river downstream of the finish post
  5. Return to your pontoons DOWNSTREAM, and easy well above your pontoon until you are sure it is free.
  6. Give priority to crews about to boat, ie let them get out before you try and get past them to your own pontoon.
  7. If your boat is required for the next division, please ensure that the Marshal at the finish has been informed in which case you may be instructed to spin and head downstream earlier than normal.
Note that the results are regarded as `provisional' until midnight on Saturday to allow any errors to be corrected. Provisional results of Rowing On can obtained on Friday from any of the following:
  1. From around 7.00pm on the OURCs Web page http://www.ourcs.org/
  2. Also at around 7.00pm the results will be emailed to everyone on the OURCs emailing list.
  3. Copies of the results together with provisional starting orders for Bumps, will be distributed at the Captains' Meeting at 8.00pm.
  4. Do not hassle the marshals for provisional times.

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