Home Countries International 2002
The Rowing Service

Strathclyde Park, 27th July 2002
Home International Match

With thanks to Mike Haggerty....


Event		1st		2nd		3rd		4th

M8+: 		England	Ireland	Scotland	Wales
M4+: 		Scotland	England	Ireland	Wales
LM4-: 	Scotland	England	Ireland	Wales
M2-: 		Scotland	England	Ireland	Wales
M4x: 		Ireland	Scotland	Wales 	England
M2x: 		Wales		Ireland	Scotland	England
M1x:		Scotland	Ireland	Wales		England
LM1x: 	Wales		Ireland	Scotland	England

Team: 	Scotland	25 pts
		Ireland	22 pts
		England	17 pts
		Wales		16 pts


Event		1st		2nd		3rd		4th

W8+: 		England	Ireland	Scotland 	Wales
W4+: 		Scotland	England	Ireland	Wales
LW4-: 	England	Scotland	Wales 	(no Ireland)
W2-: 		Scotland	England	Wales		Ireland
W4x: 		Ireland	Scotland	England	Wales
W2x: 		Ireland	Scotland	England	Wales
W1x: 		Ireland	England	Scotland	Wales
LW1x: 	Ireland	England	Scotland	Wales

Team: 	England	24 pts
		Scotland	23 pts
		Ireland	22 pts
		Wales		10 pts


Event		1st		2nd		3rd		4th

JM8+: 	England	Ireland	Wales		Scotland
JM4+: 	Scotland	Wales		Ireland	England
JM4-: 	Ireland	England	Scotland	Wales
JM2-: 	England	Scotland	Ireland 	(no Wales)
JM4x: 	Ireland	Scotland	England 	(no Wales)
JM2x: 	Ireland	England	Scotland	Wales
JM1x: 	Ireland	England	Wales 	(no Scotland)

		Ireland	23 pts
		England	20 pts
		Scotland	15 pts
		Wales		9 pts


Event		1st		2nd		3rd		4th

JW8+: 	England	Ireland	Scotland 	(no Wales)
JW4+:		Scotland	England	Wales		Ireland
JW4-: 	England	Scotland	Ireland	(no Wales)
JW2-: 	England	Scotland	Ireland	(no Wales)
JW4x: 	Ireland	England 	(no Scotland or Wales). 
JW2x: 	Ireland	England	Wales		Scotland
JW1x: 	Ireland	England	Wales 	(no Scotland)

Team: 	England	24 pts
		Ireland	20 pts
		Scotland	13 pts
		Wales		6 pts

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