Isis-Goldie race 2004

The Rowing Service

Sunday 28th March 2004, 5:30pm

Report and results provided by Simon Newton.

The Toss

The Oxford President Sam McLennan and Kyle Coveny of Goldie met at 4:15pm for the toss with umpire John Garrett. Goldie tossed, Isis won and chose the Surrey station.

The Race

The tide was relatively slow with a tail wind along the Crabtree reach. Both crews started cleanly, but Isis were moving more quickly and opened up an early lead reaching the Black Buoy in 1min 30.6secs, just under a length in the lead. Along the boats, coming into the Fulham bend, the crews came close together. First Goldie, then Isis, then both crews were warned. Isis, with a stronger rhythm, kept their lead around the outside of the Fulham bend and with the tail wind along the Crabtree reach looked more comfortable and got clear water on Goldie. Isis moved in front of Goldie by Harrods but both crews maintained the ratings and pace they had held along the Crabtree reach. After Hammersmith Bridge Goldie pushed on Isis and by the Chiswick Eyot had reduced the lead to just over a length: they were close to forcing Isis to move out of their water. But Isis kept their composure and pushed back away to re-establish and increase their lead by the Chiswick Steps. By Barnes, Isis had moved out to over two lengths but Goldie kept attacking. After Barnes Goldie again reduced the gap, but Isis upped the rate and were able to hold Goldie off. They won by 1.75 lengths in a time of 18 minutes and 42.1 seconds.


		Mile		H'smith	C Steps	Barnes Br	Finish
Isis		3:54.7	7:03.1	11:15.8	15:24.7	18:42.1
Goldie	3:57.2	7:07.4	11:20.7	15:31.4	18:47.3
Margin	2.5		4.3		4.9		6.7		5.2
Isis Rate	35.5		35		33		34	
Goldie Rt	36.5		36.5		34		35.5	

Race recorder - Simon Newton

OUBC - ISIS: Average weight: 87.7kg 13st 11 and three-eights lbs

Posn				Height 		Weight
Bow	Montana Butsch	6'3"	190.5cm	88.40	13st 13lbs
2	Nick Tuppen	6'1"	185.4cm	88.70	13st 13.5lbs
3	Chris Reeve	6'6"	198.1cm	84.50	13st 4.5lbs
4	Nick Walter	6'4"	193.0cm	91.80	14st 6.5lbs
5	Sam McLennan	6'2"	188.0cm	88.40	13st 13lbs
6	Sam Parker		6'3"	190.5cm	85.20	13st 6lbs
7	Jonny Mathews	6'0"	182.9cm	88.40	13st 13lbs
Str	Jack Tarrell	6'5"	195.6cm	85.90	13st 7.5lbs
Cox	Will Young		5'6"	167.6cm	55.70	8st 11lbs

CUBC - GOLDIE: Average weight 86.0kg 13st 7 and three-quarter lbs

Posn					Height		Weight
Bow	James Local		6'0"		182.9cm	75.60	11st 13lbs
2	Colin Scott		6'0"		182.9cm	84.20	13st 3.5lbs
3	James Orme			6'4"		193.0cm	95.00	14st 13.5lbs
4	John Davies		6'4"		193.0cm	87.80	13st 11.5lbs
5	Ed Sherwood		6'4".5	194.0cm	91.00	14st 4.5 lbs
6	Oliver de Groot		6'2"		188.0cm	83.30	13st 2lbs
7	Kyle Coveny		6'3".5	191.5cm	91.10	14st 5lbs
Str	Richard Sykes-Popham	5'11.5"	181.6cm	80.30	12st 9lbs
Cox	Stephen Cheng		5'7"		170cm		56.10	8st 12lbs