Isis and Goldie 2005

The Rowing Service

Weigh-in Tuesday 22nd March 2005

* = former Blue
# = former reserve


Goldie (Cambridge)

Bow: #Ed Sherwood (GBR)Jesus College, age 20, 6ft 4in, 13st 9.5lbs
2: #Colin Scott (GBR)Trinity Hall, age 19, 6ft 0.5in, 13st 3lbs
3: #Kyle Coveny (USA)Hughes Hall, age 24, 6ft 4in, 14st 3.75lbs
4: Eamonn Joyce (IRL)Trinity Hall, age 23, 6ft 5in, 14st 10lbs
5: #James Orme (GBR)Jesus College, age 20, 6ft 6in, 15st 2.25lbs
6: #Oliver de Groot (GBR)Gonville & Caius College, age 22, 6ft 2in, 13st 1.25lbs
7: *#Andrew Shannon (President, GBR)St. Edmund's College, age 25, 6ft 1in, 14st 4.5lbs
Str: Volker Utesch (GER)St. Edmund's College, age 29, 6ft 6in, 14st 4.25lbs
Cox: Russell Glenn (USA)Darwin College, age 23, 5ft 5in, 8st 9.25lbs

Isis (Oxford)

Bow: Jake Sattelmair (USA)Exeter College, age 22, 6ft 3in, 13st 8.25lbs
2: Andrew Keats (USA)Brasenose College, age 22, 6ft 2in, 12st 13.25lbs
3: Andrew Brennan (USA)Pembroke College, age 22, 6ft 0in, 13st 8.25lbs
4: #Jonny Mathews (GBR)Balliol College, age 21, 6ft 0in, 13st 11lbs
5: Robin Esjmond-Frey (GBR)Oriel College, age 19, 6ft 5in, 13st 10.25lbs
6: *#David Livingston (GBR)Christ Church College, age 21, 6ft 7in, 14st 10.5lbs
7: *#Henry Morris (GBR)Magdalen College, age 22, 6ft 0in, 13st 1.5lbs
Str: *Colin Smith (GBR)St. Catherine's College, age 21, 6ft 1in, 12st 8.5lbs
Cox: Nick Brodie (GBR)St. Catherine's College, age 18, 5ft 9in, 8 st 7lbs

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