UK National Championships 2002

The Rowing Service

Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, 19th-21st July 2002

The Rowing Service did live-online commentary of the senior finals of the UK National Championships, from 1pm to 5:30pm Sunday 21st July. The page will be left as part of the Rowing Service archive.

Results are online for Friday, Saturday and Sunday's are here.

Race 595: Men's eights final
Please note - Trevor commentating for the last 90 minutes, since RQ was racing....
Here it is, the blue-riband event to end the racing at a blissfully dry finals day. Umpires launch immediately scoots behind Brookes off the start, but at the 250m gone mark it was Molesey who had a 2ft lead over Brookes who had a foot lead over Leander. By 500m, Oxford Brookes posting a 1:21 first 500m had established a 1s lead over Leander who had a second over Molesey. Fourth was Nautilus 2s adrift, with London and finally TTRC in 6th. At halfway OBUBC had half a length on Molesey, who were dead level with Leander. With 700 left Brookes were rating 36 to Molesey's very sharp clean 39, with Leander between the two. With 500 to go Brookes had got a few more seats but did not have a length's lead, Molesey's men in black were looking menacingly clean and smooth, and were nder a canvas ahead of Leander. With 250m left Brookes continue to lead, with nearly a length's lead, ahead of Molesey and Leander, these three assured of the medals. The bankside peleton peddles madly to keep up, which is something Thames Tradesmen are also finding a bit too hard. Leander take the rate up to 42 and look a bit unlcean, certainly compared to Molesey. Brookes it is though who cross the line in 5:42.88 with just about a length on LC and Molesey, who were locked together. The photo finish verdict went to Leander, from Molesey, with 0.23s to spare. Brookes were pretty jubiant, and after the usual celebrations treated the watching crowds with a pretty impeccable chop spin as they went off to warm down.

An interesting headache for the Commonwealth selectors - the losing finalists of the Temple beating the winners of the Thames beating the losing finalists of the Ladies! A bit of an upsetting of the supposed seniority of the Henley events!

That's all folks!

Race 594: Women's eights final
Break in comms as the server chucked us off. Am catching these up from scribbles made during the race.
TRC composite lead UL lead the Aberdeen composite, with the club Thames club crew 4th. These 4 starting to establish clear water over Upper Thames and Vesta. Looks like the TRC composite in the lead as they come through halfway. Thames now get into 2nd place, with Aberdeen in the bronze spot. In the closing stages TRC composite at 37 lead their club-mates by a length, who in turn have a length on the Aberdeen composite boat. They finish with the Thames composite crew half a length to the good over Thames, in turn a length and a half ahead of Aberdeen in bronze.

Race 593: Men's junior coxed fours final
Aberdeen Schools have clear water over Northwich passing halfway. Close for silver, bronze and 4th though. Aberdeen have a commanding lead rating 34, from any of Westminster, St Pauls and Northwich. Those 3 practically level with 250m to go. Westminster got 2nd right on the line, with St. Pauls getting bronze.

Race 592: Women's lightweight quadruple sculls final
A straight 5 boat final. Passing halfway Marlow lead Kingston with TSS third. Marlow at 35 defend the lead from Kingston pushing as the approach the 250m mark. TTRC have overtaken TSS for bronze entering the last 200m. Kingston have a steering issue but look safe for silver. Winners are the Marlow composite, silver goes to Kingston with Thames Tradesmen in bronze. George Watsons trail in a very distant 6th, all are sculling but they must have had a problem of some sort.

Race 591: Men's lightweight single sculls final
Wilder of TSS leads at halfway from Bedingfield of York from Logan of George Watsons from Walker of LC. A goood race here with not much between them. Wilder continue to lead from Wallace of St. Andrew BC. Wilder wins by a length from Wallace with an exhausted Logan 3rd 2 lengths adrift.

Race 590: Men's single sculls final
Ockendon controlling well but being pushed hard by Shirley of Lancaster now. Appraching 750m left it looks like Ockendon still leading, from Shirley with Stafford of Ardingly over in lane 5 in third. Shirley is perilously close to the strokside buoys in lane 1. Crossing the line it's Ockendon who had this wrapped up from far out, silver goes to Shirley of Lancaster, and Giles Monnickendam of NCRA picks up bronze.

Race 589: Women's junior coxless fours final
A false start in this race. Wind has dropped further this afternoon. Haberdashers have steering problems and are being warned, and look to be bouncing off the sides of their lane. Haberdashers continue to go the long way round and court the attentions of the umpire's launch. Despite going all over the place, Haberdashers lead LEH from St. Leonards as they come away from the 500m marker. They appear to have all settled down a bit now, LEH have asserted themselves and narrowlt lead St Leonards. Haberdashers are still struggling with their steering and have dropped back to 4th. With 600m to go LEH and Kingston Grammar are the leading pair with Kingston at 35 challenging hard. St Leonards remain 3rd. LEH at 34 head off Kingston Grammar Sch coming into the last 250m, very close between Kingston and LEH. A big Kingston push has cracked LEH, and they win jubiantly by a length, with St. Leonards third.

Race 588: Women's double sculls final
Loghborough leave Warwick lead Henley A at 500. At halfway it's Loughborough and Warwick/Worcester fighting for the lead. Approaching 500m left and it's the Worcester composite leading Loughborough with Wallingford still well in the hunt.. Still not over as they approach the last 250m. Wallingford who were never out of it lead Warwick by a length in turn half a length up on Loughborough as they cross the line. A good race that with the three medallists swapping medal colours all the way down the course.

Race 587: Men's junior double sculls final
At the 1000m point Evesham lead Windsor boys by under a length from Gloucester. A close race this and Peterborough are challenging for 3rd. Windor boys now lead Evesham. Walton and Bryanston Sch are out of it on the nearside 2 lanes. It's close coming into the last 200m, Windsor at 31, Evesham at 31, P'boro pushing now and lie 2nd. They rate 35 and are attacking. Windsor boys struggle to keep the lead and on the line it was very close indeed. Evesham were definitely 3rd. It's a photo for the gold and silver medals. Peterborough get the photo by 0.21s.

Race 586: Women's lightweight coxless fours final
At halfway it's Kingston in crimson leading from the Thames/Marlow/Wallingford composite. 3rd is between Nottingham and AK. Kingston have a commanding lead on the composite crew, with the Nottingham composie crew in 3rd. Kingston continue to lead, at a compfortable 32 to Thames/Marlow at 35. Nottingham rating 37 are pushing hard for 3rd and they start to spread out a bit now. Kingston pass the 200m marker with 2lengths lead, and duly win by a length and a half. Thames composite lead Nottingham for the minor medals. AK finished in Thame's lane but were well back and not interfering.

Race 585: Men's Under-23 single sculls final
Alexander of CUBC leads this, having had a good season in the single winning twice at Notts City regatta. Nicholson of NCRA is second but only a second behind, and as they pass 500 Shaw of Aberdeen Uni lies 3rd hounding the other two. These 3 are a bit ahead of Ellera, Barker and Hermes. Into the last 500, it's Shaw leading Alexander, with Nicholson of NCRA in 3rd. However the leading 2 are well clear and it's whether Alexander can use his Goldie stamina to crack Shaw in the last 250m. Shaw is rating 36 cleanly over Alexander at 34, and leads by a canvas. These three are a number of lengths up on Nicholson of NCRA.

Race 584: Men's coastal coxed fours final
At halfway Christchurch lead from BTC Southampton. Ryde are pushing hard too. Christchurch have 600m left and are rating 37. Ryde are lying second now and look to be going strongly. BTC are third with Southampton Coalporters 4th and the Worthing and BTC A crews dropping back on opposite sides of the course. First 3 are all quite together and all overlapping. Ryde are now narrowly in the lead with nothing to separate Christchurch, Ryde and BTC B. Very close for the medals here. Christchurch eventually win from Ryde from BTC B. There are some very tired coastal rowers out there.

Race 583: Women's junior single sculls final
Land of Avon leads over Pauls of Westminster coming up to halfway. At halfway Tatman of Dame Alice has pushed through and leads by about a length. McNuff of Molesey is in second but there is a strong contest developing for 3rd. Tatman continues to lead by a length and pushes coming into the last 100m to make sure of it. She wins by 1.25 lengths from McNuff of Molesey from the Avon sculler Land who may wish to change her name as she has capsized barely a length over the line. The safety launch has plucked her out almost before the remaining scullers have stopped paddling. They take her away but have left her boat, bladeless, floating by itself in lane 5. It looks a bit sad and lonely, having carried Land to a bronze medal, being abandoned just like that.

Race 582: Men's coxless fours final
A full complement of crews here. Nautilus lead from Nottingham,fighting hard with Thames. These 3 well clear. Nautilus have over a length of clear water. Into the second half and Nautilus consolidate their lead, but it's a hard race for 2nd with Worcester now pushing hard at Thames. On the line it's too close to call and we will have to wait for the official verdict. First is Nautilus and fourth is Nottingham, and it's just been announced that Worcester beat Thames for 2nd by 0.04s.

Race 581: Women's coxless pairs final
A three boat final, Marlow leading Osiris and UTRC. UL/Thames scratched. Marlow rating 36 have a comfortable open-water lead, showing the way home. Osiris in turn have a comfortable lead on UTRC.

Race 580: Women's lightweight single sculls final
Peterborough lead narrowly from London, approaching the halfway point. NCRA lie 3rd, but these 3 are trading the lead to some extent, it's all very close. Peterborough are rating 27 and continue to lead from NCRA from Mangan of London in third. All the crews still quite close together, by no means a procession. Lijesen from Peterborough looks confident in front, with about 2 lengths cushion. Hampton from NCRA is second about a length up on Mangan in third but Taylor from Star is pushing Mangan. VERY close for third, looks like Taylor timed her last push to perfection and sneaked third on the line.

Race 579: Women's junior coxless pairs final
Aberdeen schools are out in front, from Burton Leander, with Westminster 3rd. It looks like Canford Sch scratched, leaving the other 4 to fight it out. Aberdeen continue to lead by 2 lengths, rating 40 coming past the 1500m marker. Burton Leader rating a powerful 32 but have caught a boatstopping crab just as Westminster commence their big push, and they come through to 2nd and push Aberdeen. Westminster take the lead rating 30, Aberdeen look shot and cannot respond, losing out by half a length. First Westminster, 2nd Aberdeen, 3rd Burton Leander.

Race 578: Men's coxed pairs final
Upper Thames lead coming up to half-way, from C99's. Only 2 crews entered this hard-man event. But the wind has dropped a bit now and the flags hang limp by the flagpoles. Peter Fields using his undoubted strength to power the UTRC crew, but they have a commanding lead and are rating 25 to C99's 32. This race is all over with 300m left. Upper Thames continue to rate in the twenties, and cross the line approximately 24s behind.

Race 577: Men's junior quadruple sculls final
Kings Sch Chester out in front over Hampton but it's tight for 3rd coming into the last 300m. Chester's lead looks less than it did a bit ago, but they under-rate Hampton by 1 pip at 34. Vocal support for all of these crews. King's Sch. Chester win by a canvas with Royal Chester a canvas behind Hampton in 3rd.

Race 576: Women's lightweight coxless pairs final
Nothing up on the scoreboard yet, waiting to see what's going on further up the course. Strathclyde RC leading at the first marker, just under a length to the good from Globe, who are up on Nottingham RC. Upper Thames in fourth are also a length back, then Aberdeen and Thames. UTRC is Ashcroft and Eastman, the former a HWR winner this year in the lightweight singles, and the latter medalling as a substitute for Jane Hall in Lucerne last week. Thames have come barrelling through, and now lead at the halfway mark, from Upper Thames, then Nottingham. HWR winners Nottingham University have scratched to concentrate on the four today. Thames still leading from UTRC, from Nottingham, and now quite a bit further up on the other three, likely to medal barring accidents. Thames continue to lead past 400 to go, though with less urgency than the UTRC crew, it's Thames 34 to UTRC 37, the question being whether the gap is too big to close. Notts safe in third, Thames to 36 with 200 to go, now it's getting very tight, a fantastic race for the line. UTRC over the buoys on stroke side, still charging, Thames about half a length up, UTRC still going, but won't quite do it. Thames get gold by not much more than a canvas, UTRC silver and Notts way back in third.

Race 575: Men's lightweight quadruple sculls final
The wind is a little flatter now, not much, but every little helps. Trevor tells me lane 5 (about 750 off the start) is about to "do an Oxford Brookes/IC" and hit the geese - and they have. That's Tideway Scullers/Northampton/Royal Chester composite, with the umpire paying close attention to London and Walton who are closing sideways on each other. Leander/Cambridge Univ are in the lead over TSS/Chester etc, the Leander quad at 36, and look to be drawing away further. Upper Thames aren't really in the mix for this, and London/UL are now attacking TSS composite while Walton in fourth are still not far off the pack. Leander/Cambridge look very much in charge, though rating high, and a very good race unfolding for the minor medals. Leander/CU at 34, TSS at 39, the latter look just able to hold on for second, London going hard with Walton snapping at their heels but it's Leander, TSS, London for the medals in that order.

Race 574: Men's coastal coxless pairs final
More good coastal racing, though Dover A don't seem to have started.Dover B are well in command however, with Worthing second and Ryde third, though both are a long way back from the leaders. Dover at 29.5 going towards the finish, Worthing at a stonking 32, but this three-horse race is now really a procession. Dover up to 31 to cross the line, about 50 metres to the good - it's given as 21 seconds.

Race 573: Women's junior double sculls final
This race has Henley Women's and Nat Schools winners Dame Alice Harpur in it. It's Royal Chester in the lead, with Dame Alice and Marlow battling it out for second, as they pass halfway. Coming to the third marker, Chester look extremely in control, six seconds up, while Tees are having trouble steering and are well over to stroke side of their lane. Chester looking very relaxed over the line, Dame Alice being chased by Marlow and also Tees, the latter now sorting themselves out and going neck and neck to the line for bronze. We'll have to wait for that one. Marlow gets bronze off Tees by .29 seconds.

Race 572: Men's double sculls final
This one again already on the course, and at halfway it's NCRA slightly in the lead (about half-2/3 length) over Tideway Scullers 'A' and the Grosvenor/Chester composite. NCRA rating 37, Scullers have put in a huge push at 500 to go, Scullers aren't quite going to make it, a length down on County coming to the line and closing fast, NCRA take it up a bit to ensure their win, both these two looking strong. Grosvenor/Royal Chester hold off Cambridge Uni pretty easily to take third.

Race 571: Women's coxed fours final
We have both the Henley Women's finalists in this, Kingston and Hereford, together with most of last year's champion women's four from Oxford Brookes University, who have been racing coxless or in an eight this season. Going through a thousand, Brookes in the lead, then City of Oxford, then St. Andrew composite, with Kingston in fourth, Hereford in sixth sandwiching Aberdeen BC/Univ. The 'real' commentary below us has started, so we're now getting some informative wibble to add to what we can see. 500 to go, Brookes looking comfortable (my co-commentator's view, not mine - RQ), and St. Andrew seem to be edging back, maybe already have second place. A massive fight between St. Andrew and City of Oxford in the last 200, St. Andrew take second, City fighting back, right up to the line City pushing and take it by two feet. Brookes gold, City of Oxford silver, St. Andrew third.

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