UK National Championships 2004

The Rowing Service

Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, 16th-18th July 2004

The Rowing Service is doing live-online commentary of the senior finals of the UK National Championships, from 12:30 to 5:30pm Sunday 18th July. The page was refreshed automatically during race commentary, and then left as a stable link afterwards as part of the Rowing Service archive.

Official results on the regatta site or the NWSC results page (uploaded in batches during the day).

Congratulations to everyone, that is the end of racing. No rain (yet) and some good battles for the last few medals. This page will stay up now as a non-refreshing report, although if there are any other changes, they will be made and marked.

Race 581: Men's eights final
Last race of the championships, and at 500 metres, IC/Molesey are leading, ahead of Army, Lea, and Oxford Brookes all in the medal zone. 1km gone, and IC/Molesey are just holding off Oxford Brookes by half a length, with a separate race for the bronze medal between the Army, Lea and Henley. IC/Molesey under attack, Brookes pushing, 600 to go, both leading crews at 37, a very right race, but IC/Molesey still hold the advantage. Brookes up to 39, 300 to go, IC/Molesey still in front, scenting victory, looks as if they have it, Brookes last charge, IC/Molesey drawing away, and the composite gets the gold, Brookes silver, by several seats, while the Army get bronze, having pulled completely clear of Henley and Lea.

Race 580: Women's eights final
Thames off hardest, commentary is unclear, at halfway something about a composite, Vesta/Star & Arrow I think. Yup, those two at the front, Osiris in the mix too, these three now moving clear of the pack. 500 to go, Thames still slightly up, Star & Arrow nearly alongside, Osiris have pushed up to half a length down, Thames begin to push, Star & Arrow/Vesta are matching them, they're going through, Thames having another rally, composite inches in front, Thames going again, get back, Thames through, Thames are going to get the gold, just ahead of Star & Arrow/Vesta, with Osiris a length back and well clear of the other three crews.

Race 579: Men's junior coxed fours final
600 or so gone, Abingdon (three of their National Schools winning eight) took the lead, with Bedford next ahead of Bedford Modern. 900 gone, and Bedford are eroding the Abingdon lead, these three still very close. Abingdon clinging on to the lead, both Bedford schools pushing hard, just half a length behind. Abingdon's rate goes up, Bedford Modern are now their main rivals, and these two are edging further out away from the rest. Abingdon still in front, Bedford taking it up again, Abingdon going, Bedford matching, they're 25 metres from the line and it's still unclear. Both at 36, both driving hard, Abingdon a fraction longer in the water, but Bedford Modern sharper at the front end. Abingdon's power and length get it, just. Bronze went to Bedford School.

Race 578: Women's lightweight quadruple sculls final
It's all gone very quiet - we think the quads have started, but it's not yet being announced. Here they come, London's HRR crew completely in charge, and Wallingford/Thames behind, but being nibbled away at by Eton Excelsior and Mortlake Anglian. London are down to 34 with 300 to go, the rest starting to push on, and the composite still looking good for silver. London are surging along, some beautiful sculling here, and they're at least 80 metres to the good for an impressive gold medal. Mortlake keep pushing, but Wallingford/Thames are just fast enough to stay ahead and get silver, while Mortlake have to settle for bronze.

Race 577: Men's lightweight single sculls final
Another very fierce battle. The strongest ehre is Leander's Dave Currie, pushing his way forward into a strong lead, looking as hard to catch as Warnock did. Behind, it's Wallingford's Paul Mattick neck and neck with Nottingham and Union's Jones, but with Richard Kelsey of London blasting through on the far side. Kelsey's out ofr the count as he finishes, they'll take a photo to be sure, and it was gold for Currie, silver for Kelsey, and bronze for Wallingford.

Race 576: Men's single sculls final
A clutch of good scullers in this race, everyone still in with a shout as they get to 750 gone. Warnock heads off first, with Morgan, Gale and Shirley all close behind. They're belting along, Warnock starts moving away, Wallace up with the fight for the minor medals with Gale and Shirley, Morgan dropping away a little. Warnock now looks completely unassailable, Gale starts sprinting, pulling himself ahead of Wallace, and the three other scullers finish close together. Gold to Alistair Warnock of Glasgow, silver to Tom Gale of Tideway Scullers, and bronze to Toby Wallace of Molesey.

Race 575: Women's junior coxless fours final
Reading/St. Edward's up the front with Henley, both sneaking a little bit off course, and much yelling from the enthusiastic crowd as they approach the finish. The composite get it, and Henley are securely ahead of St. Leonard's, who come in third.

Race 574: Women's double sculls final
This lot were speeding down the course while the last race was on - they're at 500 to go, and it's the University of Sunderland, miles and miles ahead of UL women, in second, while Rebecca tries to hold off the fast-closing Durham University. Rebecca manage it, Durham look understandably disappointed, but the impressive win was Sunderland's, to add to their Henley Women's title. The Moran sisters - another double-scull family unit to add to the list.

Race 573: Men's junior double sculls final
What a fight. Two crews - Stourport and Walton/Burway - scrapping like crazy right the way down the course, and Talkin Tarn emerging as the best of the rest to claim third. The battle at the head of the field went right to the line, won in the end by Stourport, who just managed to hang on to gold, leaving Walton/Burway to claim silver.

Race 572: Women's lightweight coxless fours final
Continuing City of Oxford's efforts in the fours, they have a speedy crew in this, but it's Rob Roy who take the first lead, and manage to stay just ahead of CORC down the bulk of the course. The rest are way behind, St. Andrew possibly having just an edge for the third medal position. 500 to go, City set off on the final sprint, Rob Roy try to match it but City have the stronger push and they get their noses in front. They can tell they're close, going again, and finish nearly a length ahead of Rob Roy, whooping and yelling. St. Andrew get third.

Racxe 571: Men's Under-23 single sculls final
Moon of TSS and Matthieu from Rebecca look to be out the front, the other four scullers reasonably tightly packed, as they come to 500 to go. Matthieu has a serious lead, Moon being caught steadily by the rest, Nottingham University's Thomas the closes though still a length back in third. Moon pulls away to secure silver, Matthieu delighted with gold, and third-place Thomas slaps his sculls on the water and almost falls in, at the finish line - a bit cross then.

Race 570: Men's coastal coxed fours final
Geese on the course again, yelling from Petronikolos' supporters as she collects her medal, and umpires zooming up the lake to give the coastal fours something to row through and make them feel at home. The wind's gone almost entirely cross now, still relatively light, and the commentary team has clearly gone to the bar. Coastal fours are at 1km now, and from what I can see, it's BTC Southampton in front, then Christchurch and finally Dover (it's a three-horse race). Yup, echelon formation for the three boats, and some guff from the commentator about "encouragement from their coxswains" in his "I'm watching paint dry" voice. Nice. 300 to go, BTC have a good 2-length lead, and Dover are another 10 lengths back from Christchurch. They get their places - probably no medal for Dover, as the last crew doesn't usually receive one.

Race 569: Women's junior single sculls final
Petronikolos of Molesey ruling the roost, extremely strong and long in the water. Then Thomas of St. Peter's Sch (A) and Myles of George Watson's College. Good sculling from all three of them.

Race 568: Men's coxless fours final
This should be a cracker, with London and Army both in it. And it's Worcester pressuring both, with London out in front as they come to 500 to go. It looks as if Worcester have overtaken Army and are lying second, London (Wyfolds winners) just under a length in front, Worcester give it another go, but can't quite get London who add Nat Champs gold to their Henley win. Silver for Worcester, Army get bronze.

Race 567: Women's coxless pairs final
A real humdinger between Oxford Brookes/Oxford and Thames/Globe - the latter has a former Oxford Blue at stroke too! These two well ahead of the rest, Osiris proper in third, and it's Thames showing their superior strength and experience, to take the win, Brookes/Osiris second, and Osiris third.

Race 566: Women's lightweight single sculls final
Didn't see this either, I'm afraid - a win for Mortlake over Bewl Bridge and Clydesdale.

Race 565: Women's junior coxless pairs final
Had a short break here, one of the George Heriot's women's junior pair had back trouble on the way towards the halfway marker, so was brought back by the Red Cross. Results - first Henley, second Reading/St. Edward's, third Worcester.

Race 564: Women's Under-23 single sculls final
1250 gone, Mann (Henley) in the lead, Goodsell (Univ of York) next, Eddie from ULW, and then the rest a short way further back. Geese all over the course at 600 to go, safety boats trying to scare them off. Eddie from ULW has moved right up, and it's turning into an interesting race. Looks like Eddie from Mann from Goodsell, with 250 to go, Eddie's power beginning to show, Goodsell creeping up on Mann, Mann responding, sprint for the finish. Gold to Eddie, silver Mann, and Goodsell takes bronze.

Race 563: Men's junior quadruple sculls final
Halfway down, and King's Chester with a slight lead after the first half. Upper Thames pushing, and two fiendishly aggressive composites - Dulwich/Marlow/Windsor boys and Star/Chester/Marlow/Scullers - sparring for third. Upper Thames look like a serious threat, but Chester just hold on, and the photofinish for third is won by Dulwich/Marlow/WBS by .24 of a second: a wicked result.

Race 562: Women's lightweight coxless pairs final
A decent win for Auriol Kensington, over Notts University, with London in third (the latter two closer). None of the crews decided to pick up their medals - probably doubling up in the fours event later.

Race 561: Men's lightweight quadruple sculls final
A tiny race, just three crews visible (and on the entry). Notts County and Tideway Scullers slightly in front, London/Walton a bit further back. County up in the lead at 750 to go. Scullers putting up the rate, 100 to go, County just in front, Scullers go again, County hold on, it's County gold, Scullers silver, and the composite bronze.

Race 560: Women's junior double sculls final
Avon County's Land twins look set to make it a treble for the season, miles up with half the race done. They are streaks ahead of anyone in their class, and behind them Wycliffe Sculling Centre are ahead of Weybridge Ladies for the minor medals. The Lands in fact row a bit like the world-renowned New Zealand Evers-Swindell twins - I can think of worse people to take as your role models. But the Lands are neater and less brutal, just long and solid in the water, and thoroughly deserve this win. In the last few hundred metres Weybridge Ladies just sneaked through Marlow, but all three were way up on the rest.

Race 559: Men's coastal single sculls final
The coastal races are on the slower side, and with 500 gone, it's the two Westover & Bournemouth up at the front of the race. Green, in lane 4, is the A sculler, and has a tad of a lead, while Cure, in lane 3, is only just behind. Coming towards the last timing marker, these two now way in front, with Itchen's Foad looking the most competitive for third. Coastal sculls have changed in the last 10 years, now just looking like broad short versions of normal sculls. The duel continues, 20 metres to go, and it's Cure shoving in a last desperate push, and just edging Green for gold. Foad comes in safely third to get bronze.

Race 558: Men's double sculls final
Sun's disappeared for a while, wind still low and more from lane 6 now, next race is just finishing. Notts County bossing the pack, Molesey close but not quite good enough for gold, and Royal Chester pick up bronze. Molesey in a lovely wooden boat, can't quite see the maker's plate from up here.

Race 557: Women's coxed fours final
It always looks like such strenuous work, coxed fours, although they are such popular training boats you can see the point of keeping them in at the club level. Thames come surging up, and Auriol Kensington and Furnivall give them a good go, but it's Thames for gold, AK silver, FSC bronze. I don't believe the finishing margins on the scoreboard - it looked much closer from my vantage point right over the finish line.

Race 556: Men's junior coxless fours final
Just heard that a Notts County double got washed down by one of the launches and is busy tipping water out of the boat. Naughty stuff - hope they still feel like racing. Here come the juniors, 750 to go, Bedford at the top of the field, with RGS Worcester hard on their heels. They look at bit close - perhaps Worcester are having trouble keeping in their lane. Corrected now, but it gave Bedford an eary ride in, and these two are finished and sitting back exhausted before the third-place crew, a Cheltenham/St. Edwards'/KCS/Monmouth composite, gets to the line. [They might be a Coupe crew, perhaps?]

Race 555: Women's lightweight double sculls final
OK, we're up on this now, 900 gone, and it's turning out to be a Mortlake/Wallingford fight, in which Mortlake are having the better of the struggle, with London leading the rest of the field. Wallingford launch an assault, London having to fight off Thames, there are two separate medal contests going on. Wallingford have passed Mortlake, Thames have passed London, it's going to be those three for the medals, although London's longer strokes very nearly re-caught Thames at the line for bronze. Gold Wallingford, silver Mortlake Anglian and Alpha, bronze Thames.

Race 554: Men's lightweight coxless fours final
The lifeguard team up here in the tower are very bored, because nothing bad has happened yet and they have bog all to do. Fortunate - the wind could have blown up a lot more, which would risk sinking conditions on this course. But no, it's still slightly sunny with a light cross-head breeze, and the lifeguard posse is discussing throwing someone in just so they can do "a daring rescue". There's a slight break in racing while they clear a bit of weed from the lake. A nice bit of activity in the junior women's eights presentation ceremony - it's just one crew at a time on the medal pontoon, so the St. Paul's girls gave an excellent 3-cheers to winners King's Worcester as the latter collected their golds. SPS cox slid her crew onto the raft beautifully, too. I do like it when people do their jobs well.
OK, we're back to racing. 500 gone for the lightweights, and Notts County have just under a length over CULRC and London A. Two of the County crew have already won gold in the light pairs, and London are the 'B' crew from the Wyfolds at Henley. 1km gone, and it's still County in front, London A just starting to shove them, CULRC and London 'B' next. London have pulled back nearly half a length, 1500 gone, London keep on moving, nearly level now, Notts respond, pull back out a few feet, London go again, Notts heavily under pressure, it'll go to the line, London still coming, Notts still sprinting, and it's County who take the gold, London a sliver behind, and London's B crew winning bronze ahead of the Cambridge lightweights.

Race 553: Women's junior eights final
One of the more impressive junior events, King's Worcester slowly drawing away from the field at halfway after bursting out with St. Paul's, Haberdasher's A and Gloucester. 1200 gone, Worcester looking good for gold, a scrap developing for silver, Gloucester having gone past Haberdasher's A and creeping up on St. Paul's. St. Paul's well up on Haberdasher's, pretty solid over Gloucester, and that's how they finish. King's Worcester easily first, St. Paul's stretched a bit more for second, Gloucester holding on to third.

Race 552: Men's coxless pairs final
A huge tussle between Oxford Brookes B and London developing. Brookes were first through the initial markers, but London have made up on the start, and it's now extremely tight at 1250 gone. UL's pair third at the moment, London edging ahead of Brookes, LRC rating higher and moving away. Final charge coming, the two top crews miles ahead of the rest, UL haven't got any challenge for third. London sitting just ahead, London upping it again, Brookes know they're beaten. Gold London, silver Brookes, bronze UL.

Race 551: Women's quadruple sculls final
The women's equivalent now, and it looks like UL women in front, at 1km gone. Molesey and Durham Uni their closest contenders, lots of international experience in the UL crew, so no surprise that they're sliding away from the field. Nearly three lengths clear of Durham, who are solidly past Molesey now, Exeter on the far side of the girls in black are making a good effort but don't quite have time to get up to Molesey. UL scull through the line elegantly, Durham next, and Molesey more than clear water up on Exeter and Marlow.

Race 550: Men's quadruple sculls final
More weed aggro for the starters, it's turned up again. They're trying to get a gap in racing to fix the problem. But no peace for the wicked, the quads are already on the course, and the three composite crews (one Vesta/TSS/Molesey, one Reading/UL/Newcastle U, one Bath U/Notts Trent/Ox Brookes) are all very close. We'll be using first-named club only, to save time! While I typed that, they've reached 1000 gone, and it looks like Reading in front, with Leander now up to challenge Bath and Vesta. Leander still surging, this is a hell of a push, just the boys in pink and Reading now for the gold. 50m to go, bloody hell it's turning into an incredible sprint. Leander at 43.5 and have taken a tiny lead, Reading at top pace, inches in it, last few strokes Leander know they have it. Gold Leander, silver Reading composite 0..67 behind, then the Vesta composite.

Race 549: Women's coxless fours final
They're on the course, but not yet close enough to see margins. Commentator says City of Oxford led out, as you might expect from their heats, but it's a tight race. Furnivall pushing them hard, City of Oxford holding onto the lead, 1km gone. Marlow also dogging the leaders, sandwiched between the two faster crews, nobody else yet in contention. 500 to go, City of Oxford more than two lengths clear, Marlow have caught up to Furnivall, best race will be for the minor medals. 250 to go, City of Oxford looking cool at 35, the two behind them sprinting much harder, Furnivall have steering trouble, Marlow are ahead. Furnivall being warned, Marlow nearly a length up, Furnivall blades in the Marlow lane but no contact as they're not quite far enough up. Furnivall look very relieved to have finished in a medal position - gold City of Oxford, silver Marlow, bronze Furnivall.

Race 548: Men's lightweight coxless pairs final
Notts County through 500 first, over London. These two moving away, only Nottingham BC edging up, These three crews still in contention for the medals as they come to 600 to go. Comments about weed appearing and disappearing on the course come over the umipires' radio, and it's still Notts County just, London sprinting hard, and over the bowside buoyas, but NCRA have it in the bag. These two lengths ahead of Nottingham BC (B) who get bronze.

Race 547: Men's coxed fours final
The early moves are from Oxford/Oxford Brookes and Molesey, the Visitors' and Britannia winners respectively. Molesey first to 1km, and pushing away from OBU/OUBC, and Imperial/Molesey composite challenging them both. 1500 gone, getting very tight, Molesey still bossing it, just, ahead of OBU/OUBC. Hang on, the commentary's mucked up, it's the all-Brookes crew coming up, who were Under-23 triallists, and IC/Molesey also looking very competitive. Molesey hang on for the win, just ahead of IC/Molesey (1 second) with OBU getting bronze by another .63.

Race 546: Men's lightweight double sculls final
Glasgow University looking good here, with the Leander/Aberdeen Univ composite right up beside them. Very tight to 750 to go, then Glasgow taking a length lead according to the course commentary. Here come L/Ab again, pushing hard, and it's a very tough fight. 400 to go, Leander/Aberdeen look in charge, Glasgow can't match it, 1st the composite, 2nd Glasgow, third Upper Thames, a couple of lengths back.

Race 545: Women's junior coxed fours final
The races are so tight here that we're only able to pick up at about 1km gone. Now it's the coxed fours, and it's lucky lane 2 again, Haberdashers Monmouth taking charge, over George Heriot's School, pulling Aberdeen Schools, between them in lane three, along. The two leads both pushing, Haberdashers starting to sprint, Heriot's can't respond, Stratford now in third, Heriot's pick up the pace, 50 to go, Haberdashers giving it one last effort, the bow-girl looking every stroke, and they just hold on. It's Haberdasher's Monmouth first, George Heriot's second, and Stratford a gutsy third.

Race 544: Women's single sculls final 1km gone, and Worcester's in the lead, AK and Glasgow battling UL for the next places. Looking on the tight side, from the tower with 500 to go it's Glasgow in charge, now moving ahead of Kingston and Worcester. These three look the strongest for medals, Glasgow still up, Kingston coming, Glasgow responding, Worcester failing, UL coming, 100 to go, UL gunning it, can Glasgow hold on? Yes, she does, ahead of Kingston second and UL third.

Race 543: Men's junior coxless pairs final
Nautics BC having it all their own way, over St. Leonard's School, while Bedford School just win the battle for third over George Watson's.

Race 542: Women's junior quadruple sculls final
Just fixing connection problems while I waited. That was a clear win for what looks like the Avon/St. Neot's/Weybridge composite over the field. Results later.

Race 541: Men's junior single sculls final
Some interesting shenanigans going on for this race. Lane 6's pontoon can't be fixed, so they're realigning the others to it. Which means that all the scullers in this race (and possibly for the rest of the afternoon) will row about a foot more than they are meant to. I wonder how often this happens in international racing and we never find out? Ok, they're off. Zero commentary in the tower, nothing being announced over the tannoy yet. Right, they're at 1500 gone, looks like Arnold from Burton Leander has a lead over Colson out of Tideway Scullers. Arnold strong, Colson holding off Francis from Hereford, they finish in that order.
Gold Burton Leander (R Arnold) 7:48.06, silver Tideway Scullers (T Colson) 7:50.72, bronze Hereford (R Francis) 7:51.22.

Race 540: Men's adaptive A single sculls final
A great race here, as the three single scullers blast off. It soon develops into a battle between Helen Atkinson of Merchant Taylor's and the Royal Docks' Rob Holliday. Something odd was going on, as Helen Atkinson of Merchant Taylor's School seemed to be using her legs - which ought to rule her out of the category (arm use only). She narrowly beat world silver medallist Rob Holliday of the Royal Docks in an excellent race for gold, with Fiona Neale (Black Sheep) in third place. We're checking up on the situation and will update here later.

Race 539: Men's adaptive LTA coxed fours final
Only one crew 'racing' - but take them seriously, as it's the four who are off to the World Championships next week. Stern pair are Paul Askam-Spencer and Alan Crowther, who won gold at last year's Worlds, as did Loretta Williams, their cox then as now. They are joined by K Dunlevy and N Riches, two women who make it a mixed crew, and all four wear masks to ensure 0% visual ability, although each of them, unlike their cox, is either blind or visually impaired. They finish looking on top form - good luck for the Worlds in Spain.

J14/15/16 finals
We're not doing live online commentary for these, but here (in reverse order) are the results of the first 22 finals of the day.

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