UK National Championships 2006

The Rowing Service

Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, 20th-22nd July 2007

The Rowing Service will be doing live-online commentary of the senior finals of the UK National Championships, on Sunday 22nd July. The page will be refreshed automatically every 30 seconds during race commentary, and then left as a stable link afterwards as part of the Rowing Service archive.

I've just arrived at the finish tower, and we're setting up for the finals, whch are just starting. The JM1x final has just gone over, with a very close finish, but I'll catch up with that. Conditions: sunny with quite a strong head-breeze, the river on the far side of the course is swollen brown and very high, would nto be surprised if over the next few days it breaks its banks, so the Nationals are happening just in time.

All races in reverse chronological order, ie most recent at the top

Mens 8+ final
Here we go, and as we pick the men's eights up they're at about 600m gone. It's Leander and Scullers and Agecroft all going at it up at the head, but the other three only maybe a length back and all to play for. Durham Univ coming up on the near side, Leander slightly ahead of the others, Scullers and Agecroft look about level. Leander - the Thames Cup crew - at 36, pretty strong, and nobody's really close to them. Agecroft a bit ahead of Scullers, Scullers ahead of Durha, with Molesey and Reading Univ bringing up the rear. Leander coming home, Agecroft trying to close but only just off overlap, Durham still chasing Scullers hard. For the first time the tower calls it. Leander gold, Agecroft silver, Scullers bronze, then Durham, Molesey (_not_ the Ladies' Plate crew) and finaly Reading Univ. And that concludes the racing for today and for this year. The river hasn't (yet) burst its banks, the rowshow exhibitors are packing up, and the organising committee are packing up and going home. Night night Nat Champs for another year.

Women's 8+ final
Last two to go, the sun has completely gone and to be honest so have most of the spectators. Lanes 2 and 5 are the first off, that's Reading on one side and Brookes/Osiris on the other. Now Osiris and Furnivall/Auriol Kensington/Upper THames catching up. Brookes/Osiris have built up a good lead. But the rest of the field is catching up, and though they still look pretty secure, it's anyone's guess who the other medals are going to. Brookes/Osiris at 34, Furnivall composite and Reading battling away a few lanes over. Nearside, Nautilus catching up nicely at the end, though they look too far off the medals. Brookes/Osiris hanging on, Reading trying to get past Furnivall and not managing it, Furnivall lifting again and moving away stroke by stroke. Gold Oxford Brookes/Osiris, silver Furnivall composite, bronze Reading, and I think fourth Nautilus, fifth Mortlake, sixth Osiris.

Junior men's 4+ final
Lane 2 - Rebecca/KGS/Monmouth - look as if they're at the front, with Christchurch having a go next to them, also Bedford Modern and Hampton. Lots of yellow in this race one way and another. The composite are extending their lead steadily but surely, and I suspect they have enough in hand now to be sure of the gold. Christchurch drop back, unable to take the pace, Bedford Modern and Hampton start gunning it for the lower medals, while on the far outside RGS Worcester haven't given up. There is a bit of iffy steering going on, which is a shame since they're coxed. Hampton look absolutely shot, Worcester are past them, Maidenhead/Maidstone are closing fast. Gold to the composite, silver Bedford Modern, and bronze RGS Worcester with a finely-judged last sprint.

Lightweight women's 4x final
Scullers, Wallingford/OUWLRC and Mortlake up for the medals, unless something happens. Not sure which order yet - I think Scullers are leading, but the angle I'm at makes it quite hard to be sure. Meanwhile Clydesdale have had some kind of problem, veered round in their lane, and had to get going again some way down from the umpire, let alone the other crews. Tideway Scullers get gold, Mortlake silver and OUWLRC/Wallingford bronze, after a good closing sprint.

Lightweight men's 1x final
More scullers piling towards us. This one could be even tighter, with former junior Nicholas Fearnhead in Durham colours at the front, J Watson (Windsor Boys) second, but there's a huge fight going on between Will Hoodless (Upper Thames) and Jonny Logan of Clyde. Just as it's all getting very exciting for the bronze medal, something happens to Logan - unclear what and he stops and skews round. Probably caught on a buoy or something similar - he gets going again, but too late for a medal. Gold to Fearnhead, one better than he went in the Youth Olympics, silver to Watson, and bronze to Hoodless. The umpires have started wondering where the river will break through to the lake if the level keeps rising, as it did a few years ago. Around the 1250m, I suspect.

Men's 1x final
The men's singles are already on the course, and fairly well bunched up. I think Agecroft's Brendan Crean is leading, though Ashley Prestidge from Burton Leander is sneaking up on the near side. There's also Dan Ritchie of Reading Univ, and it looks as if the medals will be shared between those three. It's Crean in front, Prestidge and Ritchie very close together, G Coleman of Notts & Union closing up on the far side, a women's coxless four in the way at the line, Ritchie blasts past Prestidge and challenges Crean, just misses out and bashes his wing rigger in frustration before sculling off. Gold to Crean, silver Ritchie - who looks as if he doesn't feel he paced that properly - and bronze Prestidge. THe W4- was the lost Haberdasher's four from the previous race, which was cleverly kept back by the umpire to stop them bunging up the finishline camera in what looked for a few strokes as if it might have been quite close.

Junior women's 4- final
Some slightly dodgy-looking steering going on, but as long as everyone's in their right lane it looks like Molesey leading by a goodly distance, and St Peter's and Henley pretty close for second. Nobody else anywhere close, but the umpire is keeping a close eye on Molesey and St Peter's, who are sliding about a bit and getting closer to the safety lane. I think Henley are in silver medal position, yes they are, but if St Peter's weren't ending up on the buoy line so much they could bhave been in contention. Still, pretty clever to get your coxless boat down the course without crashing in this wind and over such a long race. Some of the younger 2000m race classes are taking nine minutes plus to finish....

Women's 2x final
More than halfway done, and Leander (Rachel Loveridge and Louisa Rowbotham, who are both pretty handy with a scull) in charge. Behidn them, Tideway Scullers are keeping it real ahead of Newcastle Univ, but the rest are "some lengths" back, according to the diplomatic commentator. Medals awarded in that order.

Junior men's 2x final
Ooh, getting a bit tighter, goody goody. Not sure there will be much dispute over the medals still though. Windsor Boys out in front, but being challenged strongly by Marlow. Behind it's Marlow C against George Watson's for the bronze. OK, I take it back, this will be close. It's woken the spectators up, and Marlow are now past Windsor Boys, while the other two are closing both down fast. Marlow still leading, Windsor second, George Watson's in third, everyone scrambles to the line. Windsor Boys come rampaging back, but leave it just a smidge too late. Marlow gold by a couple of feet, Windsor silver, George Watson's bronze. Gripping stuff, at last.

J16 men's 4x final
A much tighter race, as they go. Evesham leading their second final home, Borlase fighting off Star, and even Maidenhead/Claires Court and Windsor Boys starting to sprint for the line. Evesham are uncontestably champions, Borlase pick up speed well to claim silver, and Star get bronze with the other three very close for the lesser places. The eights are starting to boat for the last races of the day, and I think we're running a few minutes late, but not by much.

Lightweight women's 4- final
A very straight final, with just two crews finishing, Mortlake Anglian well ahead of Reading. No bronze medal then - I presume Thames didn't make it to the start line. I suppose I ought to ask the many umpires around if there is a "no last-place medal" rule here, ie if there are two crews only one medal is awarded.

Under-23 men's 1x final
More and more sweaty rowers walking around now, some bemedalled and some not. The seats are filling up ahead of the last finals of the day, and the rowshow looks a tiny bit busier. Mr Whippy isn't doing much of a trade, though. The men are still up at the 750m mark, and I'm pretty sure it's Andy Haines of Cardiff City up with D Jones of Leander at the moment, with James Foad from Itchen also in the leading group. The medallists must surely come from these three, with Leander looking the likeliest at the moment. As they get into the last quarter it's settled into Leander leading Cardiff, with the rest dropping back a bit and Itchen still just staying ahead of S Durant from Lancaster John O'Gaunt, who has closed up neatly. Durant's still gunning it 20m from the line, while Jones and Haines get vold and silver, and Foad lifts for a last effort to get bronze. Meanwhile a load of marshals descend swiftly on the ice-cream van, and the sun goes in. Again.

Coastal 4+ final
Pretty high rating, the coastal fours are doing 36-37 into the head wind, Ryde A staying valiantly clear of BTC Southampton, who get silver, with Ryde B taking bronze. Itchen and Herne aren't really close enough to challenge them.

Junior women's 1x final
Is it my imagination or is the water level creeping up? How to worry event organisers, that kind of comment is... Anyway, Rob Roy's Parker is lazing her way towards the finish for gold a good distance clear of Nene Nanji-Rowe from Dart-Totnes, with Headington's Sophie Vellacott taking bronze. No steering problems with this lot.

J16 women's 4x final
Yet another spread-out race: what is up with the champs this time? Looks like everyone's lost their bow numbers, but it's Strathclyde Park/Loch Lomond I think winning by a good eight lengths, while Maidenhead/Henley hold off Sir William Perkins/Staines to get silver and bronze respectively. The women's U23 scullers are getting their medals, so I'll be able to check which pairs won what in the next presentation after this.

Men's 4- final
Oh it's all happening, now the men's fours on the course, having unsurprisingly caught the women's pairs up plenty. Molesey looking very strong, then Reading Univ, but for the rest it's a bit of a fight between London A and B, with the B crew looking a bit faster. Reading are being hauled along hard, and have a length on Molesey, or just under, as they get to the line. Molesey look exhausted but get silver behind Reading, while London B (who look to be smaller - possibly lightweights?) get bronze ahead of definite heavyweights London A.

Women's 2- final
The slightly odd separation of the women's senior pairs makes me think they may be having trouble too. In the lead are Nottingham/Durham Univ, with a dingdong between Scullers and Cambridge Univ having sorted itself out with CUWBC now challenging UWLRC for the second place. Mortlake Anglian are also in the mix, Scullers and Newcastle Univ dropping back. The composite, Ros Collings and Hannah Elsy, storm down two lengths ahead of ULWBC, and now they get close I can see it's Mortlake a length up on Cambridge getting bronze.

Lightweight women's 1x final
They got the light singles on the course rather recklessly fast while that was not yet finished, and it's Mortlake A (Melissa Sage) well up on Vesta's Cheryl Gilliver. Third looks to be Tideway Scullers B, Kaarin Scanlan. This is another spread-out race, but I don't think we could take any further excitement after the pairs, so that's probably a good thing.

Junior women's 2- final
It looks as if they might have delayed the start of this one to let the capsized sculler get out of the way, and as the juniors whizz through the 250m gone mark, it's a pretty close field. First to show in front are George Heriot's School, but the poor umpire is having to deal with some extremely erratic steering and is flag-waving like crazy. Someone on the far side - Aberdeen? - are all over the place, and the umpire is still having to dash from side to side, with lanes 1 and 2 having trouble as well. Ah, it's lane two, Headington: St Peter's in lane one are fine, though nearly bumped into the safety boat which was hanging about and not looking in their lane. Off goes the umpire again, with lane 6 looking close to danger in the warm-up lane. Then he has to come whizzing back, with someone else - lane 4? veering all the way over to lane zero. Right, I can now see the bow numbers and sort this out. Headington (lane 2) won gold, right on their buoy line but not impeding anyone. No bow number on the second placed crew, but I suspect it may have been Reading, while third were Talkin Tarn, rather out of their lane but that wasn't a problem. George Heriot's ended up in lane 6 (from lane 3) while lane 4 (Aberdeen) were also out of their starting lane and St Peter's (lane 1) were the ones who went over to the middle of the course and then came back to lane zero. I think. Don't hold me to it. It's a miracle nobody hit anything in that, well done the very harassed umpire and his driver, and what a relief for six pairs of parents. The umpire comes back in wiping his brow, and tells us he had already had to restart the race once after 100m gone, because of steering trouble. Right, we have the definitive result. Headington won, with Reading second, Talkin Tarn third, Aberdeen Schools fourth, St Peter's fifth and George Heriot's School sixth.

Under-23 women's 1x final
Maidenhead's sculler, A Brooks, is up the front alongside Upper Thames's Lizzie Hodges. Both sculling strongly, difficult to see who has the lead, this is a Drysdale/Campbell type rematch going on. It's Hodges in front by a short way, and starting to lengthen her lead out a bit as the line gets closer. Nearly two lengths gap now, while it's more like 9-10 lengths back to the girl who will be bronze medallist, Helen Ralston of Reading, sculling in Cambridge-looking colours. An ambulance whizzes off up the near towpath towards the 1250m point, apparently to go and collect a sculler who was in this race and tipped in. We've seen Clyde's and UL's sculler finish, so it must be Nottingham, C Lineker. The umpire is ferrying her boat back to the near side, and I think she's in the launch, absolutely fine from the looks of it. Clearly the emergency guys were just being careful.

Junior men's 4x final
The most intense race now on the course, Windsor Boys against Star/Peterborough/etc against Wallingford/MCS/etc, all in a line. It's neck and neck and neck, we can't see who is leading, even by a foot. Still in line beside each other, Windsor Boys now showing slightly ahead, but the other two can't be called. Windsor cross first, still can't work out who got silver, and meanwhile the rest of the field is doing their best but is miles back. The Star/Peterborough crew look extremely crushed, so I think it's probably (on body language alone) Wallingford who got the silver.

Lightweight women's 2- final
No quads yet, so it's lightweight pairs on the course. Lots of Mortlake and Maidenhead action, with Mortlake pure moving along very smoothly at the top of the field, and Mortlake composite with Thames well back in second. These two stay where they are to take gold and silver respectively, with Maidenhead/Lougborough winning a tussle against Reading for the bronze. And the sun's come out!

J16 men's 4+ final
Maidenhead/Maidstone in the lead I think, with the race at halfway. Evesham are looking dangerous though, and there's something going on between Northwich and Bedford to decide the bronze. I thought Evesham were dangerous - between 1500m and 1750 they came right up, and are now overtaking the composite who fire up to 37 to get back at them. Evesham have a canvas lead, Maidenhead/Maidstone make one last desperate effort, the Maidstone support team below me is going bonkers and yelling their heads off, but Evesham have it covered, and the stroke stands up Boat-Race stylee to celebrate. Gold Evesham, silver Maidenhead/Maidstone, bronze Bedford School by a short head.

Lightweight men's 4x final
Goody goody, the blue skies are coming back, but no sun quite yet - the grey cloud is still right overhead. The quads are on the course, a straight final, or at least they should be, but I can see six boats across and suspect it may be the junior men's fours, which should be next. Yup, that's right. We'll come back to the quads when they race. I must have missed something: the lightweights come onto the medal podium later, with Upper Thames collecting gold, Nottingham BC silver and Tideway Scullers bronze. Two Scullers in their fetching gimp suits, which look rather hot now the sun's shining again.

Junior women's 2x final
Mr Maidstone's race is on its way, and he's videoing stalwartly, but if it is the Invicta crew he's after, they're over on the far sid eand not in the lead yet. That position goes to Maidenhead/Hollingworth Lake, Entwistle and one of the Walczak sisters (Lucy, this time). By the time they reach 500 to go they are a very long way ahead of the rest, with quite a nice fight between Sir William Borlase and Marlow developing for the silver. Maidstone isn't out of it - they're in fourth, but the race to silver is probably going to see them lose out. Time for a bit of commentary stand-by: Marlow and Borlase are neck and neck as they belt down, and while Maidenhead/Hollingworth Lake have already finished, Marlow are just getting a tiny edge over Borlase. Great sprinting from both crews which opened up a several-length gap on the other crews in the race. We shouldn't be surprised at Louise (Entwistle) and Lucy: they won elite women's doubles at Wallingford regatta this year, so a junior gold is easily within their scope. The junior worlds team announcement has been delayed by snarled-up admin timing but we are promised it early this week some time.

Coastal men's 1x final
Though the lake is fairly flat, the wind isn't dying down, and the sky has closed in a bit, a dirt grey cloud overhead with only patches of blue sky visible around its edges. Rain soon, I fear. A supporter/coach below me on the balcony outside the bar has set up his video camera on a tripod filming down the course - I suspect from his splashtop that it's for Maidstone Invicta's junior double in the race after this one. But for now it's the coastal singles final, and I have to admit to be worse at club colours for these, so it takes a while to work out who's in the lead. It looks to be lane three, which would be Ryde. Yup, Ryde in front by a long way, then Itchen Imperial B, and then lane 5, Itchen A, in bronze medal position.

J16 women's 4+ final
Looks like a straight final, and there's a few moments of welcome peace before we hear the first bit of commentary. (Note - distorted commentary is pretty well more useless than none, I'm afraid). It's Lady Eleanor Holles a good quarter of the lake out in front, with Aberdeen Schools safe in second, and KGS Worcester well ahead of Eton Excelsior for third. Not a particularly dramatic race, though LEH do a nice lift for the line as their senior counterparts, the open women's coxed fours, are collecting their medals.

Men's 2x final
Even bigger boys, and while pundits in the umpire's room beside me are commenting on the danger of letting go of your sculls to drop flat on your back (if your partner lets go, it's in the drink with you) the open doubles are halfway down. It's Tideway Scullers B - Dunley and Hennessy, who were listed as part of their recent winning quad, though there may have been substitutions - and they're batting along at 32-33, with Newcastle University's Richard Francis and Henry Pellymaking a good stab at it behind them. Scullers aren't challenged at all, and acknowledge Newcastle's effort as they cross the line, with London coming in third ahead of Henley for the bronze medal.

Under-23 men's 2x final
More doubles, this time the bigger boys, featuring Calpe, one of the two Gibraltarian clubs which regularly comes over for this championships. In red, they seem to be well ahead of the field, with Reading University B and Upper Thames pretty well guaranteed to get the minor medals. Reading are trickling along quite steadily, but Upper Thames start belting it towards the line, and it forces Reading B to up their own rate to hold them off. At the line, none of us are sure who got it - Reading B certainly don't know, throwing their hands up and shrugging, and there's a big delay while they look at the photofinish. I'll add that in when we get the result, under this heading. OK, we have a result, and it was Reading B taking silver, just, with Upper Thames bronze. Very close though.

J16 men's 2x final
Lots of announcements about cars today, from open windows to unforgiveable parking, and one about someone who left his keys in the car... The traffic wardens are wandering about, so expect to see tickets littering the verges like confetti after racing ends. A bit of background: everything is pretty waterlogged here, and the lake itself is so much fuller than usual that the normal medal rafts are completely underwater and unuseable, so they're getting people to land properly and then walk round to get medals. Netting shows where the edges of the lake are several feet underwater, and it's getting close to the near path.
Anyway, the racing. We have a superb battle going on between York City and Maidenhead on the far side, which is taking both doubles well away from the rest. Maidenhead up the rate just enough to take gold by a canvas, and York silver. Bronze goes to Nottingham B I think, but there's something slightly odd about the lanes so I'll wait to see on the results.

Womens 4+ final
The course commentary is again a bit distorted - there's something odd about the speaker system this year - so it's hard to make out what's happening further up the course. Nearest lanes are the ones in charge, which I think is Thames, and possibly Oxford Brookes/Osiris behind them. Actually it might be Oxford in front, not sure yet, and over in lane five Molesey are also looking strong. No, I was right first time, Thames leading, and now the field is closing up on Brookes/Osiris, with both Molesey and beyond them University of Birmingham challenging for the minor medals. Birmingham have just got past Molesey, but not yet past the Oxford composite I think, while Nautilus and then City of Oxford trail behind. Gold Thames, silver Brookes/Osiris, bronze University of Birmingham, very happy indeed.

Junior men's 4- final
Tyne's four are tremendous - by halfway they had opened up a very big gap on the field, and they're now dashing towards the line with something like 10 lengths to the good, still rowing very hard. Yells, shouts and arms in the air as they finish, before their oppo have got anywhere close. Bedford Modern second, again by several lengths, and then Hampton just fail to close down Rebecca/Monmouth, who hang on for third. Americans would call that victory by Tyne 'virtual curvature of the earth' - I'm more impressed by how well they managed to keep their effort top-level, even when it was clear they had won by a mile. A well-deserved gold.

Lightweight women's 2x final
Mortlake Anglian out in front, then Maidenhead I think, and London look to have got third.

J16 women's 2x final
Lots of junior doubles, and it's Marlow who are in command nearing the line, but with Burway looking increasingly handy right over on the far side. Marlow pull away though, egged on by running supporters, and someone in read and white close Burway down quickly. Gold to Marlow, silver Burway and (just) bronze Agecroft.

Lightweight men's 4- final
Right, these guys are off, and as they come into the last 500m, it's Nottingham I think leading the field, with London looking like they're creeping up on the far side. These two are pretty close, Nottingham just ahead, but London sprinting as hard as they can to get them. Behind it's the Mortlake/Quintin composite likely to get bronze, though Tideway Scullers are pressing them close. Gold Nottingham, silver London, bronze Mortlake/Quintin.

Adaptive women's arms-only 1x final
Helene Raynsford, 2006 world champion, finish that well ahead of M Snopek, so no doubt about the order of medals. Raynsford is superb - her determination and spirit is unquenchable, and her sculling has improved no end since last year. Her catches are very quick indeed, giving her the best chance to make the most of her short arms-only stroke. I wouldn't be giving much for other scullers' chances at the worlds in Munich this year, if she gets to the start line in this kind of form. Now there should be a break because the next race, the lightweight men's 4-, should not be starting until 1:40. I'm finally managing to fill in some of the earlier races, and it's all set up to live-commentate as fully as possible on the later races once they begin.

Adaptive men's arms-only 1x final
There will be a short break now while they set up the new start for the adaptive races, and I'll catch up on everything I'm lacking. It's unclear what was happening there - two adaptive men's scullers came a long way apart over the line, shepherded by an umpire, way earlier than their planned race time. Probably Tom Aggar, the new GB single sculler, winning - he's been very impressive in trials.

Junior women's 8+ final
A good popular race to finish the 'morning' with before they reorganise for the adaptive races. It's a straight final, and George Heriot's School are rowing majestically down towards the finish line, more than two full lengths clear of Maidenhead/Henley behind them, who are being slowly but unsuccessfully closed down by Haberdashers' Monmouth. Medals in that order.

Men's 2- final
A flood of pairs over the line while I was getting my connection back. Oho, another 'easy' win. Why do I get the feeling some of these nationals finals have been less close than in some years? Leander well out in front, with Newcastle Uni starting slowly but coming through Tideway Scullers/London to hold a pretty solid second place for much of the race. Behind them Scullers/LRC had a fairly good claim to bronze, even though Robert Gordon Uni closed them right down at the line to less than half a length. All the pairs slump over, tired out, after the race.

Women's 4x final
No, it wasn't far enough - I've now moved into the main building, rather rudely ejecting the umpires from the best viewing point, and sitting right in the corner. Rod's cleverly found me an extension lead and I have access for the first real time. Okay, women's quad sculls, and it's Tideway Scullers/Mortlake making hay at the head of the field, crossing the line nearly eight seconds up on a Maidenhead/Bedford/KCS/Warrington composite which from the looks of it might be a junior-ish composite, though not racing under the GB name Nautilus which is usually reserved for those who have been selected for national colours. Third place was Reading/Upper Thames/Marlow.

Men's 4x final
OK we've worked out what the signal problem is: it's (as usual) the concrete and metal tower, which interferes no end. This may mean I have to go into the main building: I've moved down to the timing check position but that may not be far enough. Terrible shame since the view over the course is superb. I didn't see this race properly, too busy dashing about, but Tideway Scullers - pretty well the Henley Royal crew from the looks of it - beat City of Oxford by more than sixteen seconds. Bit of Home Countries action now boys? Newcastle University gook the bronze just a couple of seconds ahead of Burton Leander.

Women's 4- final
Still a rubbishly variable signal. I do apologise. They've been keen on wireless this year but as ever it's hard to tell until it's in operation how well it's going to work. Another straight final, what I suspect is City of Oxford ahead of Nautilus at the front. City's women still going strong then. Nautilus is the GB junior squad, though they're having a bit of trouble steering and end almost in line astern behind City. Third are Wallingford, with Nottingham paddling in behind them.

Lightweight men's 2- final
The lightweights are coming into view, with Leander well ahead of the field. The programme says it's Andy Dax and Ben Lewis but (no offence Ben) I find that hard to believe, given that he's been coaching and not rowing this season. Aha, a correspondent tells me it's Andy Berridge instead. London are behind them by too many lengths for me to mention, and then Strathclyde/Castle Semple getting bronze. Some very happy Leander boys at the end there, shouting and yelling.

Men's 4+ final
Signal went down just as these guys were coming down the course: Leander A it seemed well ahead of the rest, with someone I didn't catch second, and Grosvenor amking the most amazing dash to the ilne to get third. Even these heavyweight mne are looking knackered across the line: this course is pretty gruelling today. OK, so gold it was to Leander A, which is listed as Ardron, Barry, Brereton and Kennedy-Burn in the programme, and silver to Leander B (listed as Ainley/Ewing/Gaspar/Harry, though of course both could have changed since the entries were put in). Bronze was indeed Grosvenor only a quarter of a second ahead of Reading, who had been in third place most of the way and nearly got a length up on Grosvenor at one stage. Incredible racing, very impressive.

Under-23 women's 2x final
Just four in this final, with what looks like Newcastle half a mile ahead of the rest, way out in lane 4. They're just sculling at 29, very steady, concentrating on technieque, while Tideway Scullers are several lengths ahead of Upper THames and then Oxford Univ lightweights at the back. Scullers mount a neat sprint over the line, which will earn them a good photo for the album. All very spread out.

J16 men's 1x final
We seem to be working up here for the moment, weak signal not withstanding, so I'll try and keep it going. Windsor/Nottingham's lightweights are fine, the safety guys keeping an eye on them just in case, but seem to be rowing better now as they go back to the dock. Still no results sheets so I can't yet catch up on old results. J16 boys scullers should be on the course, but the commentary is very crackly so it isn't really possible to hear what's happening all the time. OK, got it - Cambridge '99's sculler James Scott is leading, well ahead and looking very much in charge, with Sergei Kleshnev of Windsor Boys, who it must be said isn't very used to losing, holding on to second ahead of Magdalen College School's Simon Steele. Good sculling all of them, and impressive the way Scott kept pushing to the end, even though he had clearly already won by a mile.

Lightweight men's 2x final
Looking down the course, it's perhaps Marlow, London and then maybe St Andrew, and they announce London in the lead, then St Andrew and finally Marlow in third. Places remaining pretty stationary, Windsor Boys/Nottingham appear to have stopped, the umpire going over to them to find out what's going on. St Andrew/George Watson's trying to chase London, but they're still going to be just a length down as they cross the line, and Marlow stay ahead of Tideway Scullers for third. Nottingham/Windsor Boys are paddling back extremely slowly, with the rescue brigade going over to the double - the stroke I think doesn't look too well.

Junior women's 4+ final
The coxed fours are coming down the track, Aberdeen Schools narrowly ahead of George Heriot, with GH closing very fast, but running out of space by a few feet. About a third of a length win for Aberdeen. Stratford valiantly coming in third, and all the crews showing how exhausting the conditions and wind are.

Women's 1x final
OK, I've just been scouting around getting start lists, arranging for the results to come to me and all the other things which need doing. The signal up here is appalling, so I may well move shortly. The women's singles final was a close one, waiting for the results to say who won. Right, so that was pretty amazing. For most of the course it had looked as if Jacqui Round, junior world medallist and now at Nottingham, would hold onto the strong early lead she took. But Jo Lyons of Reading University had other ideas. Staying just about in contact with Round, she launched a tremendous attack in the final few hundred metres, and blasted through catching up five seconds to win by just short of a length. Clydesdale's Fran Jacob was third, eight seconds back.

J16 women's 1x final
Missed this, sorry - busy trying to sort my systems out. Later - Five scullers in contention for this at the first marker, but the field eventually sorted itself out and showed Zoe Thompson from RGS Worcester up front, with Durham's H Preston behind and then a fairly tight pack for third. Preston went rhough before halfway, but Thompson stayed as close as she could, only slipping to clear water back in the last third of the race. Gold to Preston, silver Thompson, and bronze to Canford's Brianna Stubbs.

Junior men's 2- final
Very low signal here, which may be a problem: if it gets bad I will move back into the building. Black and white nearside racing light and dark blue far side, lane 2 wins it, with what looks like the Henley/Pangbourne pair paddling very slowly over the line for third well ahead of fourth place. It was Tyne first, Strathclyde Park second, and indeed Henley/Pangbourne third.

Junior women's 4x final
Approaching the finish, Marlow hanging on grimly and trying to stay ahead of the field, and narrowly managing it. Blue with white sculls in the far lane were second, didn't catch who, I think someone and Star third. No lane draws or results up here yet, will have to fill this in later. Later - it was Reading second to Marlow, clearly they haven't painted their stripes on their sculls or my eyesight's even worse than I thought it was. Third were Star, not composite with anyone, who had got past the Avon/Haberdashers'/Monmouth composite just after half way, before hanging on by about half a length to the bronze medal.

Junior men's 1x final
Another very strongly won race, Windsor Boys' Ben Firminger not letting anyone catch him from the very first stroke. The real fight was for the minor medals, which swapped in the first few hundred metres between Jonathan Clegg (Sir Wm Borlase) and Nottingham's George Caines. Clegg had the upper hand early on, but Caines came through him and then hung on brilliantly to claim silver. Gold for Windsor, silver Nottingham and bronze Sir William Borlase.

J16 men's 2- final
The opening final of the regatta, this was put to bed pretty early on by Maidstone Invicta. Though led to the first marker by Maidenhead, who had a flying start, Maidstone pushed through a short while later, and had a second margin at halfway. From there it just got easier and easier for them, and while Maidenhead clung on for a while, by the end there was clear water. Durham closed back neatly on Maidenhead to take bronze.

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