What did you think about Regatta Radio at HRR 2009?

For those who heard Regatta Radio at Henley Royal Regatta during 2009, its fourth year of broadcasting, this is your chance to give the team some idea of what you thought. The feedback is highly valued, and will be used to tweak the service ready for HRR 2010.

This is an independent questionnaire - I am not formally employed by Regatta Radio, and acted as their rowing pundit again this year, while the newspaper I write for continued to sponsor them. I'm putting this up because it's easier for me to run with my web set-up, and I will be passing the overall results on to them. Do feel free to write whatever you like - all feedback is very helpful. RQ.

The text-entry boxes for your more detailed comments will turn into scrolling fields if you want to write more than there appears to be space for, so just keep typing.

 1. Where were you listening (country, city, club)? :
 2. How much did you listen to Regatta Radio?
 3. How did you listen?
 4. Were you living within the broadcasting coverage area (approx. 6 miles radius round Henley)?
 5. What were you doing at the regatta or in Henley (tick any/all which apply)?
(Tick 'spectating' if you were elsewhere and following it via the radio/net)

Competing Spectating Coaching Working Socialising Hosting a crew Press Contributing to Regatta Radio
Being a Steward (please note just for real Stewards, one of the 50-odd who run the regatta, NOT just members of the Stewards' Enclosure....)

 6. Anything else about your role at the regatta you'd like to add, eg where you were working, who you were competing/coaching for, where you spent your time?
 7. TECHNICAL SIDE. Please give us some detailed feedback on the technical radio coverage: on all/any of the following - broadcast clarity, streaming, website, audio clips, photo gallery, times of broadcasting.
 8. COMMENTARY. We would also like some detailed feedback on the rowing race commentary, again all/any of the following - commentary audio clarity, standard of commentary, format of commentary, announcement of results, quantity/quality of races covered, information provided on crews, etc. Comments on whether there was too much commentary, too little or the right amount, are especially important.
 9. GENERAL. Do you have any comments on the rest of the Regatta Radio operation, again all/any of the following - standard of presenters/DJs, quality/balance/genres of music played, feature interviews, adverts, quantity/quality of rowing news, traffic news, weather news, and anything else you can think of. Comparisons to last year would also be especially helpful.
 10. Was there enough interaction with listeners? Eg phone-ins, messages to the studio, competitions, talking to competitors who dropped in, etc? Or was there too much?
 11. Anything you'd like to pick out as particularly good or bad? (please say which - it isn't always obvious!)
 12. Please rate Regatta Radio out of 10 (0 = dreadful, 10 = brilliant)
 13. Is there anything particular which should be changed or added next year?
 14. Do you have a specific message for anyone on the radio team?
 15. How did you hear about Regatta Radio?
 16. Please give your approximate age for outline demographic information
 17. Have you ever listened to Regatta Radio before this year?
18. Any other comments? Please give your name here if you wish to be identified.

Thank you very much indeed for your help.


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