Tucker has another dig at rowing

The Rowing Service

Published online Wednesday 12th April 2006

Regular readers of the Rowing Service will be aware of Western Mail sports correspondent Steve Tucker, who it appears has a problem with the Boat Race. He received a bucketload of mail on the subject a few days later, but has now decided to have another go. Not online at the moment, here is Mr. Tucker's latest gem:

"IT has been pointed out to me, that following last week's column about the tedious Boat Race, I was mistaken: not all people who enjoy rowing are toffs. I wish to thank the following for their e-mails explaining this: Rupert Fotherington-Smyth, Olly Range-Rover, Annabel Smutington-Hawley and Lady Penelope Winceyette-Nightie. Apologies all round, I stand corrected.

STOP PRESS: shock news, the University Boat Race finally gets exciting.
No, they haven't brought the Olsen twins in to act as coxes next year, but the captain of last week's victorious Oxford crew was arrested for being drunk as a skunk following the (non) event. Barney Williams, 29, and a friend were arrested after being spotted on CCTV by police acting drunk and disorderly in Oxford city centre. Williams, a legal studies student at Jesus College, world rowing champion and Olympic silver medallist, and his mate were fined 80 and spent some time cooling down in a police cell. Williams is originally from Canada, so may not be over-familiar with the loutish behaviour a lot of us in the UK have to tolerate in our cities way too often. But well done to the lad for injecting a bit of life into the fossilised sporting spectacle. It does make me laugh at all the sanctimonious e-mails I received saying what marvellous chaps and role-models these rowers are."