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11th March 2003: "The Public Misunderstanding of Science"

Andrew Brown is a journalist who specialises in religion and science, although he has also written parliamentary sketches, computer articles, and many other features, for national broadsheets. He was Religious Affairs Correspondent for the Independent for ten years, before freelancing full time.

He became interested in the peculiar world of science while writing the controversial "Darwin Wars", which he describes as "a history of ideas with all the messy bits left in". He likens scientists to the forensic detectives he studied while compiling a book about the London police, and is fascinated by the clash of wills which occurs where science meets society.

Brown is uncompromising in his belief that the public misunderstanding of science is at an all-time high, but poses the two questions: whose fault is it? And does the public really understand anything anyway? If not, can, and should, we do anything about it?

Come along to make your point, or just listen to the discussion. Andrew Brown has also just published his latest book, "In the Beginning Was the Worm", which he will be happy to sign at the end of the Cafe.

No ticket, no booking, no experience required.

Books by Andrew Brown:

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