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12th April 2005: Superstrings

Occasionally we break the mould at the Oxford Cafe Scientifique, and April 2005 is another of those occasions. Merging science chat with classical music, Professor Brian Foster and virtuoso violinist Jack Liebeck explain and illustrate the concept of superstring theory which underpins particle physics.

Professor Foster is the Roger Cashmore Fellow at Balliol College, and a keen amateur violinist who packs his instrument while travelling between the accelerators of Europe where he works.

Jack Liebeck is an exceptional young violinist, now in his twenties, who first performed as the young Mozart in a BBC production, when aged 10. He and Professor Foster have cooked up the idea of the 'Superstrings' talk to celebrate Einstein Year, and the Cafe is a special performance of the concept for our audience.

Tickets only by advance booking, 8 a head, and will include a glass of wine, limited to 40 people. Book by emailing or calling Dr. Rachel Quarrell (tel 07710-538114).

The Coffee Shop may also be open before the talk/recital, but not during it. The evening will be slightly altered from our usual pattern: there will be a short break, but closer to the middle of the evening, perhaps later than 7:30pm.

Come along and join us at 7pm in Blackwells Main Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford.
No scientific background required.

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