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13th July 2004: "Predicting 'The Day After Tomorrow'" www.climateprediction.net

Could the plot of blockbuster film "The Day After Tomorrow" come true?

Weather forecasting is a black art, but it gets even more convoluted when you start looking at how to predict weather and climate patterns into the mid-range future. For the first time in the Earthıs history, global temperature and rainfall patterns in 50 years time have become important, with the prospect of a catastrophic change in the planetıs meteorology looming over us.

Before even considering why unplanned global warming or freezing could arise, and how we could avert it, we need to know a lot more about the chances of it happening. Enter www.climateprediction.net, a modelling operation which is mobilising unused computer time to give real answers.

From the Oxford University climate modelling unit, Dr. David Frame will explain their latest projects, and discuss the success of such modelling programmes, including how you can join in and help.

Come along and join us at 7pm in Blackwells Main Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford.
No ticket, no booking, no scientific background required.

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