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8th July 2003: "GM Crops - The Next Green Revolution?"

Should we be using GM crops, or can they damage the environment? Are they the way to cure the hunger problem of the world, or a health disaster waiting to hAppen? Are they really safe to eat, or should we be concerned about storing up future health problems? What is the impact on emerging economies, on the taste of food, on its nutritional value?

With perfect timing, the Oxford Cafe reaches this topic, which has been increasingly in the news of late. Features and stories in the Independent newspaper, on the BBC website, in regional newspapers, and in other national newspapers such as the Guardian are raising many sides of this complex issue.

In July Professor Chris Leaver, a passionate defender of the use of GM crops, comes to put his point of view to the Oxford Cafe. "GM crops are not a magic bullet", he says, but he also insists that they do hold the key to a positive future.

Do you agree? Come along and have your say.

No ticket, no booking, no experience required.

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