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Tuesday 10th March 2009: "Do men dominate women? Why are there sexes?"

'Power' -- dominance in biology-speak -- is not what we thought it was: it's how men's access to sex is decided; not how resources are parcelled out.

We are all either male or female (instead of all being hermaphrodites) because, it turns out, it's crucial for getting rid of 'bad' genes. These insights lead to discovering why we are social in any way more than just hiding behind each other from predators..

Steve Moxon was the Home Office whistleblower who exposed the failure to apply immigration rules correctly. He has written The Great Immigration Scandal and The Woman Racket: The new science explaining how the sexes relate at work, at play and in society. He blogs regularly and is currently a freelance writer.

Come along and join us at 7pm in Blackwells Main Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford.
No ticket, no booking, no scientific background required.

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