British Rowing - 2006 World Rowing Championships

World Rowing Championships 2006
20th-27th August, Dorney Lake, Eton


    BigBlade photography is providing photographic coverage of the 2006 worlds for the Rowing Service. Visit the galleries below: media editors seeking high-resolution images for commercial publication should contact us by email.

  • Sunday 27th August coming later today.
    Meanwhile, you might like to look at the Quick Shots folder. Here Paul Azzopardi is putting up quality shots he is taking during the last day of racing. He's sending them to our computer within seconds of snapping them, and we will upload them when we can between races. During today, so that we can do live commentary and blogs, we're not putting captions on these or embedding them in webpages. Please note that these are copyright pictures and may not be used for any purpose at all without his express permission. Keep refreshing the directory page and use the times on the files to work out which you haven't yet seen.

  • Saturday 26th August unedited gallery

  • Friday 25th August unedited gallery

  • Thursday 24th August unedited gallery

  • Wednesday 23rd August unedited gallery

  • Tuesday 22nd August unedited gallery

  • Monday 21st August unedited gallery

  • Sunday 20th August unedited gallery

  • Opening ceremony - coming soon.

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The picture headlining the Rowing Service's British Rowing Coverage pages is morphed from a photograph by expert rowing photographer Peter Spurrier (© Copyright 1999). It is of Steve Redgrave in full race flow, and has been stretched and rippled before the title was added. This image was first used to headline the Sydney special coverage on the Rowing Service for the 2000 Olympics, but it seemed appropriate to get it out of hibernation for the home worlds at Dorney. Peter Spurrier is in Eton for the World Championships and now runs his own commercial website at

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