Halifax:  BUSA title sponsor 1996-2002

BUSA Regatta 2002: Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham

27-28 April 2002

This Year's Information

  • Details of the 2002 Victor Ludorum award.
  • The sports news site Sport on Air did some interviews on Sunday at BUSA - see their Sports Search page, which this link should take you straight to.
  • Brian Pluckrose acted as designated photographer at BUSA, and has a sheaf of 130 images on his website, Nature's Images.
  • Saturday's racing below, Sunday's racing was entirely abandoned due to high headwinds.
  • This year's results - provisional until they have been checked.
  • Important new safety information.
  • The circulation patterns (printable small JPG files) - racing circulation and practice criculation.
  • Important BUSA safety information - please print out for your club.
  • Draw, in MS Word format, so that the full layout can easily be seen and printed.
  • Saturday draw, 250 kB, MS Word.
  • Sunday draw, 250 kB, MS Word.
  • Further information for captains and coaches will be posted here if required.
  • Results will be posted on this page as soon as the Rowing Service receives them from BUSA.
  • Media invitation (large Word file).

Last Year's Information

Any queries/problems should be addressed to BUSA representative Alison Faiers.

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