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The seventh year:

September 2007
Professor Sarah Randolph - Are tick-borne disease increases due to climate change or politics?.

August 2007
We always take a break in August. See you in the autumn.

10th July 2007
Dr Mark Haw - The middle-sized world.

12th June 2007
Professor Jim Davies and Dr Steve Harris - Clinical trials in the 21st century - challenges and opportunities.

8th May 2007
Professor Stanley Ulijaszek - What is the natural human diet?.

10th April 2007
The planned Cafe on swarm behaviour: locusts, birds, fish and human crowds - Dr Iain Couzin - has been cancelled for this date. It will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

13th March 2007
The hows and whys of hearing - and its problems - Professor Andy King with Dr Jan Schnupp.

13th February 2007
Dr. Simon Watts, Brimstone: heaven or hell in our cities?" exploring air pollution past, present and future.

9th January 2007
Professor Frank Close, "Why is there anything in the Universe? - and other big questions

12th December 2006
Dr. Carolyn Carr and Daniel Stuckey, "Can stem cells mend a broken heart?"

14th November 2006
Professor Roger Davies, "Black holes on our doorstep".

10th October 2006
Professor Trevor Norton, "Life under the sea"

12th September 2006
Dr John Pannell, "Sex, sterility and spite amongst plants"

The sixth year:

11th July 2006
Professor Denis Noble - What is life? Biology beyond the genome

13th June 2006
Dr. Martin Westwell (Oxford Cafe Scientifique founder) - Bending Minds: how technology can change who we are

9th May 2006
Dr. Henry Nicholls - Lonesome George - conserving rare species

11th April 2006
Dr. David Lucas - Codes, computers and quantum physics

14th March 2006
Professor Kay Davies and Dr Matthew Wood - Fixing your genes - the challenges of gene therapy

14th February 2006
Dr John Packman - Floods happen (in Oxford too) - how can science help?

10th January 2006
Dr. Paul Newman - "Going where no robot has gone before"

13th December 2005
Professor George Brownlee - The threat from avian 'flu

8th November 2005
Mr. Jeremy Fairbank - "Comparing operative and non-operative treatments for chronic back pain"

11th October 2005
Don Hill - "Solving ethical dilemmas in health care".

13th September 2005
Dr. Chris Shipley, "Materials for Displays: a short story

The fifth year:

12th July 2005
Dr. Kathleen Taylor - Brainwashing

14th June 2005
Dr. Sarah Harper, - Our Ageing Population

10th May 2005
Professor Gabriel Dover - The Evolution of Human Nature - one for all and all for one?

12th April 2005k
Professor Brian Foster and virtuoso violinist Jack Liebeck - SuperStrings

8th March 2005
Dr. Arlene Klotzko - A Clone of your own? in association with the Oxford Festival of Women in Science

8th February 2005
Professor Martyn Poliakoff - Green Chemistry

11th January 2005
Dr. Myles Allen - The greenhouse effect, climate change and property prices in South and West Oxford

14th December 2004
Professor David Hills - Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow: what goes on in jet engines

9th November 2004
Dr. Dylan Evans - Exploring the Placebo Effect

12th October 2004
Professor Bryan Sykes, Sex, genetics.... and the extinction of men.

14th September 2004
Dr. David Hughes, "The Organic Movement - Food Fad or Global Saviour?

The fourth year:

13th July 2004
Dr. David Frame - Predicting 'The Day After Tomorrow' 8th June 2004
Dr. Simon Lamb - How Climate Changes the Height of Mountains

11th May 2004
Professor Peter Atkins - Symmetry

13th April 2004
Philip Ball - Critical Mass: the Physics of Society

9th March 2004
Dr. Monica Grady - Life and living on other planets

10th February 2004
Professor David Matthews - The Rising Incidence of Diabetes

13th January 2004
Professor Roger Cashmore - Particle physics - studying the very nature of matter

9th December 2003
Helen Saul - Fighting the Fear

11th November 2003
Dr. Chris West - Climate Change - Nothing To Do With Me?

14th October 2003
Dr. Tristram Wyatt, Pheromones - saying it with smell.

9th September 2003
Professor Paul Matthews, "Bard on the Brain"- Watching the Brain At Work

The third year:

8th July 2003
Professor Chris Leaver, "GM Crops - The Next Green Revolution?

10th June 2003
Professor Ron Maughan, "Water - How Much Do We Need To Stay Healthy?

13th May 2003
Professor Bob Williams, "The Effects of Metals in Living Systems - The Past and Our Future"

9th April 2003
Dr. Michael Gross, "Nanotechnology comes naturally"/i>

11th March 2003
Andrew Brown, "The Public Misunderstanding of Science"

11th February 2003
Dr. Martin Westwell, "What You See Is Not What You Get"

14th January 2003
Professor Walter Gratzer, "Eurekas and Euphorias"

10th December 2002
Dr. Karl Sabbagh, "Dr. Riemann's Zero's"

12th November 2002
Professor Les Iversen, "Marijuana: medicine or narcotic?"

8th October 2002
Professor Chris McManus, "Left Hand, Right Ha nd"

10th September 2002
Dr. Martin Westwell, "Unravelling Minds: th e mysteries of Alzheimer's Disease"

The second year:

9th July 2002
Michael Palij MW and Dr. Rachel Quarrell, "The Chemistry of wine"

11th June 2002
Dr. Ian Stewart, "The Science of Discworld"

14th May 2002
Professor Vivette Glover, "The environment begins in the womb"

9th April 2002
Dr. Margaret Rayman, "Selenium: a trace mineral in scarce supply essential to your health"

12th March 2002
Dr. Simon Singh, "Cryptography - from Enigma to the Information Age"

12th February 2002
Sir John Sulston and Georgina Ferry, "The Human Genome: Gift or Goldmine?"

8th January 2002
Dr. Evan Harris MP, "Stem Cells and Therapeutic Cloning"

December 2001
Professor Jim Bennett, "Has the 'Public Understanding of Science' movement been bad for science?"

November 2001
Professor Joe Silk, "The Big Bang"

9th October 2001
Professor Peter Atkins, "The Second Law made simple"

The first year:

10th July 2001
Lady Audrey Wood, "Magnetic Ventures: the inside story of Oxford Instruments"

12th June 2001
Dr. Will Hopkins, "Limits of Human Physical Performance"

8th May 2001
Dr. Tom. Wakeford, Liaisons of Life"

10th April 2001
Change to scheduled talk: Dr. Pete Moore, "Superbugs: Rogue diseases of the twenty-first century". (MP Dr. Evan Harris, who was scheduled to speak on AIDS vaccines, spoke at a later Cafe.)

13th March 2001
Professor Kevin Warwick, When will cyborgs rule the world?"

13th February 2001
Professor Colin Blakemore, "Myths and realities of the human brain".

9th January 2001
Sir Paul Nurse, "What is Cancer?"

12th December 2000
Professor Susan Greenfield, "The Conscious Brain."

14th November 2000
Professor Richard Dawkins, "Evolution: The Greatest Show on Earth, the Only Game in Town."

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